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Welcome To The Drainage Doctor

Plumbing is a task that many people regularly rely on professionals for when there are a lot of tasks which you can carry out yourself with a little effort and the right information!

This is a shame as it means people waste several thousand pounds each and every year. After all, although the plumber might only have to spend twenty minutes or so actually fixing the problem, they will still have to charge you the call out fee. This is justified but can be costly for something as simple as blocked drains.

This website will provide some handy tips and tricks that you can adopt yourself to work on your own plumbing system and save some time and cash in the meantime.
You’ll be surprised at how accessible plumbing systems can be with a few tools and the right information, and you will begin to wonder why you have been spending so much money on tradespeople over the years!

Get Your Hands Dirty

There is nothing more satisfying than fixing something yourself – especially when people usually rely on professionals to get the job done!

Everyone can be a weekend plumber, so roll your sleeves up, set up your phone or laptop nearby, and use our tips and tricks to have your plumbing running as smoothly as possible.

It is essential to keep in mind that there are certain things that you just will not be able to sort out without specialist training and equipment, but there are countless small tasks and repairs that you can start working on yourself; you only have to be willing to get your hands dirty!

Amateur Friendly

Nothing we cover will be particularly complicated. All of the tips and processes that we will outline for you are accessible and require no expensive or elaborate equipment that you will be able to pick up cheaply from Amazon or a local DIY/tool shop.

Most plumbing systems consist of virtually the same setup, so as long you follow our advice to the letter you shouldn’t encounter any particularly tricky challenges. The precise pipes used might vary, but their shape and location should be similar enough that they are easy to spot.

However, remember there are jobs for professionals. If you are having a lot of trouble or just do not understand then do not hesitate to ask for help if you find yourself overwhelmed!

It is much better to pay for an expert rather than doing more harm than good and having to pay for the subsequent repairs!

Getting Started

We are committed to outlining repair processes that are as simple as possible, but there will be a few tools that you should always have on hand when you are looking to work on your plumbing system. A few of these are:

  • Pipe Wrench: These are heavy-duty wrenches which can be used for gripping and altering pipes. With adjustable teeth, they can be used to work on a wide variety of pipes
  • Auger: When your toilet is clogged, and a plunger just won’t do the trick, this tool is ideal for getting everything running smoothly again.
  • Slip-joint Pliers: When working on your plumbing you are likely to encounter nuts which are difficult to remove. Use these pliers to get them loosened and removed quickly.
  • Basin Wrench: As well as nuts that are hard to remove, there are nuts which are hard to reach at all. A basin wrench reaches where other tools can’t.
  • Propane Torch: This seems scary, but it really isn’t. Propane torches have a lot of applications in plumbing, and all are relatively simple.
  • Flame-Proof Cloth When you are using your propane torch, a fire-proof cloth can help to keep everything safe from the hot and burning flame.

None of these are expensive, and they are all versatile tools which you will only have to buy once. Many jobs will only require a wrench which will pay for itself multiple times by carrying out even one straightforward and accessible task.

Things like the propane torch are required for more niche tasks and are perhaps only worth investing in if you have built up a fair amount of confidence when working with your plumbing system.

However, a few wrenches and an auger are always good to have around and trust us – it is better to buy them and not need them than to need them and not have bought them!

Enjoy Saving Time and Money

Avoiding the use of professional plumbers will save you time and money. Expensive call out fees for simple tasks can leave your wallet empty, and plumbers can take days to arrive when the problem they need to fix can be sorted in a matter of minutes.

People seem to think that they are likely to make things a lot worse if they give it a go themselves, but this is very rarely the case if the job is simple enough.

Consider a cooking recipe; regardless of how good a cook you are, anyone can follow some instructions when he or she has the right ingredients to make a simple dish. It is just a matter of focusing on one simple step at a time.

DIY projects are exactly the same; if you have the right tools, the only thing left to do is to take some time concentrating and putting simple instructions to work.

End your reliance on expensive professionals and take matters into your own hands!